As always here's some of my favorite photos from my recent photoshoot: 

The only thing i got to say is WOW.

I love these photos so much. I usually give my models around 20-30 photos but I loved SO many photos I ended up giving her 50! This photoshoot was a blast. The model, Alex, and I have never met before, but now we are becoming friends. We connected so much during this photoshoot. I will definitely be doing photos with her again. 

Time for a funny story that happened during this photoshoot:

In the 5th picture, when she is on the stairs, you will see that we are in a building. When we first entered, we shot some photos, then we heard a bird trying to get out. We didn't know what it was at first and we both freaked out! Then we looked and we saw it was a bird. We left it alone for a while then we got to the top of the stairs where the bird was. It was just flying around and we were kind of freaking out because we didn't want it to fly into us. So I decided to open the door for the bird and it finally escaped. We both laughed cause we weren't expecting that to happen. 

Thank you Alex for being a great model!! I loved shooting with you.

My last couple photoshoots I had planned fell through, so I have no photos to edit and it feels weird. For the last month all i've been doing is editing nonstop. If any of you guys want to model for me, I would love to connect with you. Just contact me!

Check in later. Love you all!!