Happy Easter Loves!!!

I wanted to share the final part of this photo collection. Valerie is such a beautiful soul. I love her so much!! Her smile just brightens up the place. Don't get me started about her hair. Its so long and beautiful. I am so jealous! Hope you love these photos! Also some photos from this shoot is in my gallery. So check those out. 

Are you guys doing anything fun for Easter? 

I am sadly not doing anything because I'm sick and I don't want to get the whole family sick. I really wish I could see my family and have a good day. But, I'm going to try to make the best of it in my bed with my cat. Last night I took a nap at 9pm because I was seriously so exhausted from work and school. I woke up and I felt super sick. So I took some meds in hope to feel better in the morning. Guess it didn't really help much. Since I took a nap late in the night, I stayed up untill 3am watching Lady Gaga at Coachella. I seriously love her so much. I need to go to her concert again. Well, I'm gonna try to get some more sleep and maybe try to get some homework done as well. I hope you guys have a great Easter and wish me luck in hope to get better soon.