So, on Sunday morning I went to the pride festival in Denver. It was a two day event but I was sadly only available Sunday morning. I went with some of my friends and we all had so much fun!! I can't wait to go next year. My friends and I plan to go next year for the both days and stay the night in Denver. I want to say thank you to my girls for coming with me and HAPPY PRIDE EVERYBODY!!!!!! Here are some pictures I took at the parade. Enjoy!

Being gay is totally normal. Don't be afraid to be yourself!!

Don't forget to use protection folks! LOL


I literally love this. I would be damn proud too!!

I wish all parents would be proud of their LBGTQ children. You two rock!!!

I got a job at target a little under a month ago. I couldn't be more proud of a company that supports LGBTQ rights. GO TARGET!!!!

Isn't that the truth!



Well, thats all the photos. I know there is a lot, but I wanted to share all the photos. I love every single one of you and Happy Pride everyone. Have a great rest of your week! I will catch up later!!